Mission and Social Justice Team

The Mission and Social Justice Team (MSJT) at Community of the Savior works to develop the “response-ability” of the local congregation, i.e., the ability of the local congregation to respond to Anyone, Any Need, Anywhere on an individual as well as a collective basis.

Team Members

Lynn Braband, chair

Brooke Caton
Judy Davis
Peter Knapp
Betty Lou Pollock

Responding to Anyone

The MSJT provides opportunities for members of the local congregation to develop their ability to respond to anyone broken by life events, or by issues society presses upon us such as racial tension, domestic violence, addiction and poverty.  The MSJT works to create, develop and maintain a healing environment in which the broken can develop a fresh outlook on themselves and God and have their hope restored.   The MSJT also provides prophetic leadership training to members of the congregation in order to create a body that is creatively responsive to contemporary issues, calling for the change or prevention of conditions that promulgate such societal ills.IMG_6566 (1)

Responding to Any Need

The MSJT prepares the local congregation to address the needs of ALL creation recognizing that God calls us to care for the environment as well as people.   As the redemption of creation is inseparable from human redemption, the MSJT encourages the local congregation to participate in activities that meet needs, whether spiritual, physical, social, economic, intellectual or environmental.

Responding Anywhere

The MSJT promotes the adoption of a global perspective by the local congregation recognizing that needs exist and need to be met not only within but without the congregation’s local and national borders.

This holistic approach to ministry of responding to Anyone, Any Need, Anywhere is a distinguishing feature of the family of faith at Community of the Savior and is the platform from which we promulgate the sweet and fragrant aroma of obedience to the call of Christ to the ministry of reconciliation.


To raise CoS members’ awareness of the unique needs of the hurting in our community.

To raise CoS members’ response-ability by providing the information or training members need to effectively respond to the needs of the hurting.

To raise individual/group volunteerism locally, nationally and globally.

To raise a community of believers actively engaged in 1-2 ongoing ministries directed at mission/social justice work in the form of individual development and/or structural change.Soup-Kitchen

GROUP Service Opportunity

CoS members regularly volunteer at Outreach Temple’s Soup Kitchen (218 Murray Street, Rochester, NY) every third Saturday of the month.

Morning shift – 9:30 a.m. to 12

Afternoon shift – 12 to 2 p.m.


  • February/March – Human Trafficking
  • April – Creation Care
  • May – Racial Reconciliation
  • October – Domestic Violence
  • November – Missions at Home
  • December – Missions Abroad